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Proceed Group and AppConverge joined forces to bring SAP Data Management expertise including SAP ILM (Information Lifecycle Management) to the SAP SA environment. Proceed Group have over 20 years of experience in SAP Data Management with a global footprint of over 600 customers.

AppConverge specialise in Data Analytics in the South African sector.
Proceed Group and AppConverge will leverage on combined strengths to offer niche consulting and implementation.
The alliance of both Proceed Group and AppConverge is now called APPROCEED.
With the ever-increasing reliance on data in SAP systems customers need a comprehensive strategy to manage information creation, usage, storage, and destruction.
Technology such as mobile and cloud, along with the move to S/4HANA drives business speed and complexities today. To keep up, SAP customers must establish a comprehensive Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) strategy. They need to categorize data, define and apply data governance policies, and then implement an ILM strategy with technology providing automation and completeness. 

Rightsizing for SAP HANA


Rightsizing for SAP HANA

If you're planning to migrate to SAP HANA and/or The Cloud – or you have already migrated – we can streamline your data to deliver improved business results.

We can help with:

  1. RightSizing in readiness for SAP HANA-
    1. efficiently reduces the amount data you migrate, which in most cases can reduce the size of your predicted SAP HANA appliance, this can reduce costs significantly when rolled out across your SAP data landscape, data which is archived is kept on lower tier storage, but is still available to view when required in a compliant manner.

    SAP ILM supports the complete information lifecycle, from creation to retention to destruction. You can define rules and polices reflecting where data is stored, how long data is retained and when data can be destroyed. Also with blocking and deletion functionality ILM assists with meeting personal data legislation.

    This manages your data volumes while keeping the complete business context intact, securely moving business complete data into long-term, less expensive storage and providing access to archived data in a convenient and controlled way. The use of native SAP integration, optimized data compression and automated, rule-based retention management allows you to establish an effective and efficient data management strategy that optimizes your SAP S/4HANA and/or Cloud investment and helps to ensure regulatory.

  1. RightSizing  BW in readiness for SAP HANA - Migrating SAP Business Warehouse (BW) to SAP HANA, B/4HANA and/or The Cloud without effective data management is costly and time-consuming. By rightsizing BW in readiness for your migration, you can use SAP IQ for Nearline Storage (NLS) to significantly reduce migration and ongoing costs. Rightsizing will also ensure you access the long-term business benefits of SAP HANA's unrivalled speed, scope and efficiency.

Our expertise in SAP BW will help you to:

  • Minimise migration cost and time
  • Accurately identify SAP HANA appliance requirements using our SAP BW Analyser Tool
  • Manage and streamline your data more effectively
  • Segregate data based on business value
  • Access data quickly regardless of its location
  • Lower ongoing storage costs

We also provide RightSizing on SAP HANA, for companies who have already migrated, but are having problems containing data growth, and need to avoid a SAP HANA appliance refresh or simply need to control structured and unstructured data growth.

Brochures to download for Rightsizing for SAP HANA:

SAP ILM (Information LifeCycle Management)


SAP ILM (Information LifeCycle Management)

SAP ILM is not a separate SAP system, it is available as a business function which can be activated via the switch framework and is available in SAP NetWeaver based systems e.g. SAP ECC.  Certain areas of SAP ILM are included in your standard licence so it is worth contacting SAP to ascertain whether or not there are additional license costs applicable.  Once activated, on top of the default archiving functions the ILM functionality is made available. The 3 main pillars of SAP ILM are Data Archiving, Retention Management and System Decommissioning.

The Pillars of ILM

Data archiving is the cornerstone of SAP ILM and focusses mainly on data volume management, it consists of the classical archiving functions which have been available in SAP systems for many years. With SAP ILM these classical functions have been enhanced to allow for integration with the two other cornerstones including Retention Management and System Decommissioning

The services of ILM include:


The purpose of data archiving is data-volume management. This includes securely moving business completed data from the database to long term less expensive storage whilst providing access to archived data in a convenient way.


ILM provides retention-policy management functions that support the complete information lifecycle – from creation to retention to destruction. Customers can use these functions to enter different rules and policies reflecting various criteria, including where data is stored, how long data is retained, and when data can be destroyed. For international data individual retention periods can be assigned to comply with different regulations.


With SAP Information Lifecycle Management, customers can gain a complete approach to shutting down legacy systems and bringing the data from both SAP and non-SAP software into a central ILM retention warehouse. The data is stored with the relevant expiration dates, and you can use different reporting options to view data even after the original system has been shut down.

SAP Document Management


SAP Document Management

An effective document management strategy is the key to success for information management.

The ability to store, archive and retrieve information with ease across your business requires a structured approach to all unstructured content. Including;

  • Email correspondence
  • Paper documents
  • Electronic documents

Our document management solutions simplify business processes, drives productivity, improves compliance reducing risk, lowering TCO.

Our expertise in document management will help you to:

  • Simplify business processes through easy access to documents
  • Centralise storage and management of business documents
  • Boost individual productivity and corporate agility
  • Reduce risk and increase compliance through effective document retention management
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Gain a 360-degree view of content in context
  • Link key business documents to SAP business transactions within the SAP user interface.

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